Congratulations to Our 2015 Annual Scholarship Winner!

Congrats to Vamshi Krishna Garikapati for winning our 2015 Annual Scholarship

About our winner

While I come from an Indian nationality, I have lived and gone through many sectors of America since I first moved here at the age of two. Growing up, I was always attached to some sort of electronic device whether it be a television, computer, calculator or video game; I would always be curious as to how typing on the keyboard would translate onto a computer screen, or how small game cartridges would render into hours worth of entertainment. But later on as a teenager, I saw the potential in electronic devices to be used in fabricating more than just entertainment for children but also to advance the fields of medicine, materials science, and chemistry. With this and my lust for a STEMcentric education, I began developing a passion for helping further our known boundaries in these fields through interdisciplinary research and was able to pursue it at the Loudoun Academy of Science throughout all four years. I came up with significant findings in fabricating water repellent nylon and aluminum through unique synthesis, etching, and coating mechanisms during my international collaborative research program with students from Hwa Chong Institute in Singapore. Apart from research, I strived for an excellent education by maintaining a high academic GPA while also helping tutor and volunteer around my community while becoming active in a variety of school clubs, which eventually gave me the opportunity to enroll into the University of Virginia.

I always believed that the gift of education provides one of the best opportunities to improvise societal needs which itself becomes a new philosophy that encourages forward thinking and a steady progress to the community in need. With my first few steps into college as a prospective Computer Science major, I hope to proactively exchange ideas, passions, and knowledge with others to not only further our intellectual curiosity and development amongst individuals but also to expand and integrate their knowledge bases in helping forward society as a whole.

*For more information on our scholarship awards, check our website for updates on our 2016 scholarship applications. Have a Happy New Year!!!

~Dr. Lee Ferrell and the staff here at Wells Chiropractic

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